Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment and
Waste Batteries

Collective System

WEEE Disassembly
WEEE Disassembly

ecoR’it is a multi-sector collective scheme for the correct management of professional and household waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) which also operates in the management of waste batteries and accumulators.

The Consortium, which is a not-for-profit organization, currently has more than 640 member companies in the ICT, consumer electronics, small household appliances, lighting and IT sectors.Consorzio ecoR’it is a not-for-profit organization and is an integrated collective system for the collection and treatment of WEEE professional (B2B) and household (B2C) and Waste Batteries.


For WEEE ecoR'it belongs to the CDCRAEE (WEEE Coordination Centre) and has been enrolled on the EEE Register since 12.12.2007 with the number: IT07121000005   For batteries and accumulators ecoR'it belongs to the CDCNPA and has been enrolled on the Batteries and Accumulators Register since 4.6.2009 with the number: IT09061P00002


ecoRit withdrawals: our numbers

Household WEEE

WEEE withdrawn (Ton) 43.482
Withdrawal points served 637
Number of missions 25.065

Professional WEEE

WEEE withdrawn (Ton) 6.667
Number of withdrawals 3.894

Portable Batteries

Batteries withdrawan (Ton)      354
Number of missions   431


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